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We have partnered with some of the best suppliers of rental cars so we can find you the perfect rental car at fantastic prices! This tool allows you to compare many car rental companies to find the cheapest and most convenient.

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The details you provide for making a booking are strictly confidential being secured by SSL encryption technology.

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We offer you to choose from a wide variety of car classes new high-quality vehicles meeting your needs and budget best.


Our multi-lingual call center is ready to assist you whatever your question is and wherever you are in the world.

Popular Locations

London - UK
Heathrow Airport
California - USA
Los Angeles Airport
Florida - USA
Miami Airport
Milan Airport Malpensa
California - USA
San Francisco Airport
Barcelona Airport
At The Car Rental Desk!

Make sure, you have the following:

  • Show your credit card, voucher and driving license. There also will be required the balance for your rentals
  • Carefully read the rental agreement
  • Read all insurance details and additional insurances paid and agreed for at the counter carefully.
  • Make sure to ask the agent to explain you anything you do not understand or are unsure of on the rental agreement before signing.
Before You Leave The Car Supplier?
  • Check, isn’t the car damaged. Inform the supplier representative about any damages not shown on the rental agreement at once in the car park or at the desk. Ensure they sign off the damage on the rental agreement before driving your car.
  • Make sure that all requested additional equipment is included. Check the equipment to ensure it meets the requirements. If there are any issues, please bring them to the supplier notice. For any additional equipment you must pay at the desk.
  • Check the route of your journey. Check the equipment to ensure it is adequate for your needs. Any issues please bring them to the supplier representative for a map or advice if needed.
Returning the Car?

  • Check for damages. In case there are any damages, necessarily bring it to the representative’s notice. Feel free to ask them about any charges they consider necessary and get it in writing.
  • Make sure that supplier representative signs off the drop-off. It is very important to ensure that rental agreement is signed off by the supplier representative. Try to leave yourself enough time before the flight.

  • If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to your pick up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of 35.00 EUR*.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours before pick-up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of 50.00 EUR*.
  • If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before pick up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of 130.00 EUR*.
  • If your prepayment is less than 130.00 EUR*, there won’t be any additional charge, but you won’t receive any refund. No refund will be applied for unused rental days.
  • You cannot cancel your booking if your rental has already started.
*Or the same amount in USD/GBP at the exchange rate on the cancellation date.
  • wish to cancel but don’t tell us before your rental is due to start;
  • fail to pick the car up at the arranged time and date;
  • fail to provide the documentation that’s required to pick the car up;
  • fail to provide a credit card in the main driver’s name with enough available funds on it
*In all of these cases, you’ll receive no refund of the money you’ve paid.
  • You can amend your rental online at least 24 hours before your rental is due to start. The cost of each amendment, implying a decrease in value and a return of the difference to the customer, is 10.00 EUR*. Please note that any amendment such as amendment of pick-up or drop-off location, car group, rental period and driver’s personal details may affect rental price which may be different from what you paid initially.
  • Please call us if your pick-up time is less than 48 hours away and you wish to amend your booking.
Please note: prices are based on the pick-up and drop-off times and dates that you arrange before your rental starts. If you pick the car up any later or bring it back any earlier, you will not receive a refund for unused hours or days.

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